Whant a summer body? Drink this for breakfast!

Sonntag, 30. März 2014 | 1 Kommentar

Nourish your body with this delicious smoothie :)
I usually drink a litre of water/tea before breakfast.
What I put in my smoothie (adapt it to your own preferences):

  • 6 bananas
  • 4 frozen bananas
  • cinnamon
  • vanilla bean
  • litre of water
you could also add carob powder, dates, ..
putn in a blender and enjoy outside :)

Wish you a wonderful day/evening ❤

5 easy, quick, high carb low fat cooked vegan meals

Freitag, 28. März 2014 | 1 Kommentar

 PUMPKIN FRIES with a tomato dip


MUSHROOMS, brown rice, tomatoes and basil

Glutenfree PASTA with tomato sauce, carrots and spring onion

POTATO WEDGES with broad-leaved garlic

I eat as much raw food as possible, because it makes me feel best. Those are just a few suggestions if you are transitioning/looking for healthy cooked recipes/..
Keep it simple and stick to the following guide lines:

  • Cut out oils, & salt! 
  • Use a steamer
  • Avoid gluten

Wish you a wonderful day, hope those pictures inspired you, keep shining ❤

Be open-minded! Educate yourself!

Montag, 24. Februar 2014 | 0 Kommentare

What changed when I went vegan

Dienstag, 21. Januar 2014 | 1 Kommentar

Hello, beautiful!

Currently I am writing on my FBA "Vegan Diet and its effects on health" for my final exam. Its a lot of work, but it is definitely worth it! On Saturday I watched the documentary "Earthlings", which made me cry so much. I thought a lot about it and it really brakes my heart what has done to animals.

I am so glad, that my family members make changes in their diet, I would love to help anyone adapt a happier, healthier lifestyle!

When I went vegan, I didn't expect to notice any changes in how I feel, or look. However I did experience a lot of improvement in my overall health, which I want to share with you today.

Three weeks after I went vegan, I noticed that I haven't used any tissues since changing my diet (before I used several ones daily!). A production of elevated amounts of mucus is caused by dairy and its products!

I used to have the worst menstrual pain, I always made sure to take painkillers with me, without them I wasn't able to leave the house and do whatever I wanted! Now I don't feel any pain at all during my period.

I have never been ill, since going vegan. Again, before I suffered from illnesses a lot.

My skin became so soft, I don't need body lotion anymore. On SAD I used peelings, lotions, oils, hundreds of products which hardly made a difference. Now all I use is a oil for shaving my legs, I step outside of the shower and my skin feels soft like a baby's butt (even on my elbows, which used to be really dry). It also clears up the skin.

Changing my diet, changed my life. I have never felt better in my entire life than I do now. If you have any questions or suggestions, let me know.

Wish you all a bright day xx

My Morning Routine

Freitag, 3. Januar 2014 | 0 Kommentare

Today I want to share my morning routine with you, maybe some steps to inspire you to integrate them in YOUR routine..

I always start my mornings with warm lemon water, which detoxifies our bodies. In the evening I boil a litre of water and fill it in a thermos flask overnight. That's a huge time saver in the morning as all you need to do is squeeze a lemon into your water. I love the feeling of being so hydrated. 
While I am drinking my lemon water, I read my affirmations. After that I dry brush my body, which feels absolutely amazing and has some great benefits as well. For breakfast I usually enjoy a monomeal of fruit. 

I really enjoy my morning routine and I simply love to begin my day this way. What I want to improve on is to incorporate some yoga or other exercises. 

What does your morning routine look like? Wish you a wonderful day xx

Testbericht: Make-up Entferner Öl von Hilla

Freitag, 6. September 2013 | 0 Kommentare

Hilla (--> ist ein skandinavischer Onlineshop, der Naturkosmetik anbietet. Die Produkte enthalten hochwertige, organische Inhaltstoffe und werden nicht an Tieren getestet. 

Ungewöhnlicherweise habe ich in meinen achtzehn Jahren nie regelmäßig Make-up getragen. Obwohl ich beim Make-up-entfernen (mit Wattebausch und gewöhnlichen Make-up Entfernern aus der Drogerie) so sanft, wie möglich war, blieben immer ein paar lose Wimpern auf meinen Wangen zurück. Entweder bald keine Wimpern, oder kein Abschminken und somit keine Wimperntusche mehr. Ich entschied mich für die zweite Option.

Als ich vom Make-up Entferner Öl von Hilla hörte, konnte ich es kaum abwarten, es zu testen, in der Hoffnung die damalige Entscheidung überdenken zu können.

Mein erster Test erfolgte ziemlich spontan. Um meine Augenbrauen zu betonen, verwendete ich etwas Brauenpuder, das prompt zu unnatürlich aussah. Ich schnappte mir das Öl und mit nur einem Tropfen war das Problem gelöst. Dabei fielen mir gleich die tolle Pipette und der angenehme, dezente Duft auf.

Nach weiteren Tests lässt sich sagen, dass die Verwendung am Abend eine echte Wohltat ist. Nach einer kurzen Massage mit dem Öl ist nicht nur das gesamte Make up verschwunden, es hinterlässt wunderschön gepflegte, weiche, glatte Haut.

Fazit: Mit der Pipette lässt sich der Make-up Entferner ideal dosieren. Das Öl entfernt nicht nur hervorragend das Make-up, es bietet außerdem eine fantastische Pflege für die Haut. Die Verwendung des Öls ist nicht nur wohltuend in der Anwendung, ich hatte auch nie lose Wimpern. Wird definitiv nachgekauft. Ich kann es allen ans Herz legen, diesen Make-up Entferner auszuprobieren. 

Vielen, herzlichen Dank an:
Durch den Blog von Angie (--> erhielt ich die Chance, das Make-up Entferner Öl zu gewinnen.
Vielen Dank an die liebe Sirkku Hahn, die Geschäftsführerin von Hilla, die es mir ermöglicht hat, das Öl testen zu können.